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A warm welcome...

Firstly, welcome.  My name is Hannah Tidcombe (BABS, MAC) and I'm a qualified Wellbeing Life Coach. This is often the first step...searching for the right Wellbeing Life Coach or Counsellor that suits you and your needs.


Making contact with a Wellbeing Life Coach or Counsellor can feel a bit overwhelming, but let me reassure you that I am an approachable, positive, affirming, non judgemental, warm person who will support you wherever you are on your journey. 

If you are looking for someone to walk besides you, challenge you, support you, help you to reflect, make decisions and move forward with purpose, then Wellbeing Life Coaching could be for you.


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"Hannah from Future Footprints Life Coaching has a natural gift for coaching and supporting others through the challenges of life" (Testimonials - Sarah Alonge, Client). 

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Would you like to move forward with...

Self worth & confidence building
Managing your own mental health
Finding yourself & purpose
Personal growth
Anxiety & depression

Life's challenges
Feeling stuck
Finding your next steps and path in life
Getting the most out of your situation
Overcoming obstacles and focus on direction

Parenting / adoption / infertility
Guidance & Inspiration
Work/life balance

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A free 30 minute introductory session on the phone to informally discuss what you would like to get out of Life Coaching/Counselling sessions, what issues you are currently and an opportunity for you to discover if I'm the right therapist for you.  Book your free session now...its a small step, but could make a huge difference to your life.