What are your fees and how do I book?
Please see 'Booking & Costs'

Where are you based?

Sessions are held at my home based therapy room in Chepstow or at The Wellbeing Centre in Chepstow Town Centre.  I am also able to offer sessions over the phone, via Skype, Teams, Whatsapp, Zoom or 'walk & talk' for those who prefer outside sessions. 

Are you a Counsellor?

Personally, I am a qualified Life Coach and Counsellor.  Therefore, I combine my coaching and counselling skills within sessions,  This is particularly helpful when clients need to reflect back, challenge past patterns and behaviours and look at ways to move forward.  I also offer CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).  

How many sessions will I need? 
I would suggest most clients have at least 4-6 sessions.  Some clients decide they would like more, some have a number of sessions and then ask for monthly 'top up sessions' and some have initial sessions and return when needed.  It is your journey, therefore your choice. 

What qualifications do you have?
Please see 'About me' for my list of qualifications.  I am accredited by The Coaching Academy and The Association of Coaching. I am also a verified Life Coach via The Life Coach Directory, Psychology Today and 'Bark' Life Coaching & Counselling website.

Will I have a Therapy Agreement?
I ask all clients to complete a Therapy Agreement during the first session.  This provides me with your contact details, but also states our agreement regarding confidentiality, storing sensitive data, commitment regarding payment and cancellation policies.

What is Life Coaching?

A life coach is a qualified wellness professional. Life coaches support their clients to improve many aspect of their lives, relationships, careers, own wellbeing and mental health and struggles in their day to day lives. Many clients come to life coaching feeling 'stuck' with a certain aspect of life and need support to move forward. 

Life coaches help clients to reflect back and move forward with specific issues/areas of life. They also help you to clarify goals, identify any obstacles holding you back and then come up with strategies for overcoming these obstacles. In creating these strategies, life coaches help you to recognise your unique skills and gifts.  They encourage you to make the most of your strengths and achieve long-lasting change.   

What's the difference between Counselling and Life Coaching?

Life coaches focus on creating a new life path to achieve certain goals, whereas counsellors focus on specific problems in hand and look into emotional resolutions to past problems to move forward, finding solutions to those specific problems, while making 'healing' as one of the main objectives.  I offer a combination of Life Coaching and Counselling. 

What happens if I need a different type of therapy?

I will be honest and open with you from the beginning regarding what I can offer you as a Wellbeing Life Coach/ Counsellor.  I am part of a large network of therapists across Wales/England and can 'signpost' you to a more appropriate therapist if required.